Communication Skills

​​* Active Listening

* I-Messages

* Tone

* Clarification/Summarization

* Body Language


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Positive Thinking

* Self Talk

* Metacognition

* Replacing Irrational Thoughts with Rational Thoughts

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The Benefits of Therapy

Therapy can help restore balance to your life.  Reducing your stress levels positively impacts your physical body and mind.  Slowing down and taking a breath rather than giving in to the rigors of our fast paced daily lives can provide focus and clarity.  Whether it is family or marital issues, teenage peer pressure, self-image issues, depression or anxiety, therapy can give you the tools to become a better you.  Through the therapeutic partnership we can assess your needs, problem solve, redefine your current thoughts and beliefs, and actively try to make change.  Therapy can be for a brief or extended amount of time, depending on your needs.  My goal is to help you grow and become stronger in coping with life's challenges and frustrations.  Please allow me to join you as you transform into a healthier and more balanced individual.

Personal Reflection

* Journaling

* Vision Boards

* Creative Expression

* Sharing Feelings

* Understanding Self


The Therapeutic Experience

It is not easy to reach out to someone for help or to admit that you or someone you love may not be in a good place mentally or physically.  I understand and empathize with this and I am humbled by those who have entrusted me with their most vulnerable thoughts and feelings.  The client-therapist relationship is a critical piece in the therapeutic process. My clients are made to feel safe and as a result are more willing to share their thoughts and emotions.  The experience may not always a comfortable one, but we will work together to help you through the feelings, attitudes or behaviors that have been getting in the way of your day-to-day well being.  



* Sufficient and Restful      Sleep

* Proper Nutrition

* Physical Activity

​* Personal Time


Amy M. Cohen, LCPC

Board-Approved Supervisor